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Madrid is a big city with more than 3 millions of people. It's one of the citys more populous in the European Union.

So some people think live in Madrid have a lot of disadvantages like the pollution or like you don't know anybody in the city,they think live in Madrid is vey stressfull because there are too people.

I know that it has disadvantages that in a village you don't have, but it has a lot of advantages, too. In a city you can do a lot of acitivties than in a village you can't do, you can do all you want without people opine about you because people don't know anything about you, in a village all people know you. You can study wathever you want,you can konw a lot of kind of people, you can choose between a lot of plans...

I know a lot of people don't like live in Madrid because it has disadvantages, but all my life I have lived in Madrid and I can't imagine my life if I lived in a village, it would be very boring. I love my city, Madrid.

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Teacher -

Which Spanish city would you go to live if you couldn´t live in Madrid?
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