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Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is an american actor... is my favourite actor. His hair is a bit long and brown, he has a brown eyes.

He has many tattos on his body: Right Arm - Wino Forever, Indian head; Left bicep  heart with Betty Sue and inverted triangle; three rectangles on right index finger; The Brave doodle on right forearm; skull and cross bones on right ankle (no image); symbol similar to a 3 on his left hand; Lily Rose on chest above heart; Jack and a swallow on right forearm and two more.

A part of the film, Johnny Depp also likes music.He is a good singer and loves to play guitar.

Regarding clothing, Johnny Depp has its own style. He usually wear skinny jeans, tight shirts, leather jackets, horn-rimmed glasses, and the hats and the scarfs are the perfect complement.  

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